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Economic Prosperity

I was invited to attended Hampton Roads Black Caucus’s third annual Breakfast of Champions where I was introduced to a very brilliant man.

A man by the name of Dr. Michael G. Daniels (Senior Pastor of Enoch Baptist Church) and founder of the "Western Bayside United Group" (WBUG). This very accomplished man shared a very inspiring speech with me about a brilliant concept that is often ignored by society as a whole. With everyone worried about "what's in it for them" (just like our current city council building a sports arena with your tax dollars instead of mitigating flooding in the city). We need to come together as community to address this pressing issue (flooding). Dr. Daniels spoke of a metaphor that is analogous to the way we look the other way with its time the fix what is broken. He described a basket of crabs scrambling to get out so they don't end up on someone's plate. Every single one of those crabs have a need to escape. Those crabs could work together and build a bridge with their bodies to lift every single one of those crustaceans out of that death trap, but instead their tugging on each other and weighing themselves down. No one is getting out of that basket. This is analogous to life here in Hampton Roads. Everyday citizens ignoring each other’s cries for help. It doesn't have to be that way. We can pull together our resources wisely and invest in jobs that lift people out of poverty. If elected I won't blow your hard earned for tax dollars on "valet parking" for wealthy individuals who can afford to build their own parking. No! I will create economic opportunities that will strengthen and build up Virginia Beach.

I've always been inclusive and tried to lift up people (from the basket). Since the 80s and 90s; I've invited black business owners and female business owners to bid on contracts. My track record proves it, my company constantly invited black business owners and female business owners to the table as participants in the development of our Virginia Beach City community projects. I have a drive to bring all voices to the table; not just a select few. We must lift-up our black community, and not drive them or their contributions away from the collective whole of Hampton Roads.

My track record speaks for itself.  Due to disparities in our society and justice system involving the treatment of people of color, most felons here are people of color. Unlike other companies in the 90s  I gave these people a second chance by hiring them for a living wage at my family construction company. I have purposefully collaborated with black business leaders and female business leaders, to better serve the Hampton Roads communities. I have NEVER tolerated discrimination within my work place. If you're a bigot, you’re fired. Everyone deserves dignity and respect

I want to bolster small businesses in Virginia Beach. One of the main sources of employment locally is mom-and-pop shops; they are the jewels of our city. I would support a citywide incentive program for small businesses to spur capital investment in fixed improvements. We should reward small businesses when they invest in themselves by hiring more people or expanding their shops with building or product improvements.

I walk the walk. A promise from me is guarantee of inclusion and prosperity.

Support me and I will continue to do what comes naturally to me.

Committee to Elect Garry Hubbard
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