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Flood Mitigation

Lakes, rivers, holding ponds, and creeks are all silted over and can no longer hold water.

We need long overdue storm maintence work to dredge out the ponds.

There is back flow of the water on the street caused by storm debris in the water drains  of Virgina Beach.

The lack of proper maintenence to our storm water management systems has caused millions of dollars of damage to people's homes and property.

Canals are no longer maitained they have trees growing in them. This is the first step to address the flooding issues.

Flood isurance rates are hiked up due to the constant flooding.

The city shouldn't pick winners and losers (ie nepotism) when choosing developers to alleviate our flooding.



  • Conduct Stormwater Compliance Inspections
  • Conduct Investigations of Illicit Stormwater Discharges and Illicit Connections
  • Conduct Inspections of Commercial, Industrial, and Construction Sites
  • Develop Local Implementation Plans (LIPs)
  • Analyze Urban Runoff Treatment Technologies
  • Track and Manage Inspections and Facility Inventory
  • Evaluate Industrial Status Pertaining to Submitting Notices of Intent (NOI) or No Exposure Certification (NEC)
  • Manage Trash Requirements and Trash Collector Best Management Practices (BMP)

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