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Transportation Expansion

Our transportation expansion should be a top priority. A inexpensive solution like my proposed solution below would connect business hubs of different areas in Hampton Roads to each other. This would create revenues to help fund infrastructure and other essential needs-based projects within our community. My proposal for a cheaper more efficient project that would essentially build up two communities simultaneously is to use land originally purchased for the light rail. There are cheaper and more beneficial uses of that land; it could be used to recoup the lost Tide fund money needed to buy this property. Let’s pave it and put some shuttle buses on it to ferry people from the light rail station at Newtown Road to the Oceanfront. This would solve the issue of limited parking at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  We could add bike and jogging paths, and even host Virginia Beach 22-mile marathons to raise funds to recoup the costs. This would be a big entrepreneur opportunity for our very own "mom and pop" business to open shop up and down the strip. Riders would get on and off the shuttles to purchase goods alongside the route. The extra revenues would help pay for projects into the future. A "win-win" for Virginia Beach residents.

Committee to Elect Garry Hubbard
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